Boutique Gym Brings Inner Strength & Beauty

I have recently joined a local gym.  Not that I’m particularly sporty by nature but I had noticed whilst applying my handfuls of body lotion, there seemed to be more body than I was happy with.  I then researched small neat hand weights, to beef up my home routine.  My eyes fell upon a ladies only boutique gym just down the road.  I enquired and within minuted, the very helpful and enthusiastic co-owner had me weighed, measured and on the first circuit.  The beauty for my purposes is the absence of hot sweaty power pushing men who just love rippling muscles and showing off.  I find that inhibiting.  M new gym is already succeeding in redistributing the strength in my body –  toned  ypper arms can carry greater weights;  strong leg muscles help me climb stairs and walk further and faster.  I’ve been feeling so much more alive lately – a fitter me at last!