Effective Skin Routine Needn’t Take Time

Having a really simple but effective skin routine is what everyone feels they have in their case.  There are so many products out there these days – being well past teenage years, I have honed a twice daily system and love it when folk can’t believe I’m actually much older than they think!

I chop and change the cleaning products more than the creams.  As since my early teens, I go heavy on the eyes, but never wear any face or neck makeup, my evening cleanse include a good waterproof mascara remover as priority.  Then I cleanse with miscellar water with oil added to help my already dry skin.  Then comes an anti wrinkle cream round eyes, chin and throat area.   Swapping to legs and arms to rub in body lotion, before returning to face for a collagen enhanced moisturising cream for my age group.  Takes less than 5 morning minutes and 7evening minutes, all told.