Bronzed Beauties Baking By The Pool

The thing about reaching what we call ‘a certain age’ is that our skin will sometimes looks as though it has reached it quicker than the rest of us.  I have never sat out in the sun for any length of time, well before I ever had to consider looks and skincare – I simply cannot deal with very hot sun and it makes me feel uncomfortable.  Even with a hat on, I don’t enjoy the rays as much as others.  This reminds me of a holiday in cyprus a couple of years ago.  We were in a family run hotel, balcony room overlooking the pool.  It was fascinating watching all the ladies topping up tans.  There was a mother and daughter who were so bronzed it was frightening.  I wonder if they ever cared about how their skin was dealing with that onslaught every day – hope they’d bought cooling after sun by the lorry load !