Taking No Chance With Skincare Routines

When I was a real youngster, I used to watch my mother get ready for work – I don’t recall much more about those times but she had glorious read curly hair and used to be very careful about what she put on her face.  Having very sensitive dry skin, it was often painful if something caused a reaction and then we’d have wailing and gnashing of teeth whilst the red blotchiness calmed down.   This taught me how to care for my very regular complexion and I am forever grateful to mum for the early lessons, albeit by default!  I always take eye make up off at night, never leave it on.  Day and night the rest is the same:   I use a proper facial wash and rinse that off, then anti wrinkle cream.  I then swap to my body lotion and finally back to day or night replenishing moisturiser.  I don’t like to stop, just in case it is all working!