Pale & Youthful Over Bronzed & Aged

There is one very distinct advantage for me personally about summer resceding and autumn drawing in.  I no longer feel silly looking lilly white through refusing to let my face be sunned upon as boldy as so many other women.  When younger, the rage was was always to look as totally bronzed as possible.  Hard baked dark brown was very much the rage for many women and that is still the case for those who can’t break the habit and feel physically naked without their tan.

Coming from a long line of readheads, with very pale, opaque skin, there is no such thing as a safe sun tan.  I try to make it be dead cool being white all over without a hint of tan despite gasps of horror when disrobing, and Raybans have to come out to counteract my whiteness . . . . But at least I will still look only 40 when I’m actually 84!