Bushier Brows & Colourless Lips

Stranger things have probably happened over the years, but this current trend of ladies making a beeline for the brow colour pencils and thickening up their brow’s natual line seems bizaare to an old biddy like me.  I have never personally done my brows.  Because they’re hidden behind my spectacles, it always seemed a lot of faff – but on the two occasions I’ve let a make up demonstrator try to show me the benefits of shaping and colouring mine.  On each occasion I regretted it immediately.  The startled rabbit look doesn’t do me any favours – I’ve always had very light, pale brows and a swipe of dark brown above my specs look very worrying to me.  The fact they always put colourless gloop on my lips doesn’t make for confidence building either.  On the other hand, I never have any qualms about blacking up my lashes – in fact, the more the merrier.  Dusty has nothing on this old bird!