Royal Delights & Rocking With Roses

We’ve had a spate of royal stories so far this year – it’s amazing how astute the royal house is becoming, knowing how to engage with the populace when it really matters.  The beginning of the year was heralded with the news of two royal weddings and two royal babies due.  The newspapers were full of this info with thousands of news inches on each.  What we can’t enjoy from all this excitemet is exotic perfumery and luscious body care products that each of of the royal brides and mothers to be are likely to be lavishing on themselves.  There’s definitely something calming to me about being able to apply a skin softening product, especially for face and decolletage – the feel of the cream or lotion, combined with that divine scent just makes me feel so feminine.    I have always loved the smell of roses, be it on the bush or by way of scented lotion.  Bring it on!