Knowing What Suits Our Skin Even In Excess Heat

Oh my goodness there are some fine old memories to be had when I go visiting my mum – she has a birthday this month and has always loved gorgeously smelly perfumes.  I’ve not really gone into the fine art of how the perfume is made up, the high notes, or base notes.  I do know though her skincare regime and application of a small but special range of scents have been her trademark and she looks glamourous still, at a fantastic 92.  Knowing what suits our bodies is a great mystery most of the time.  I used to shun perfume altogether when young because I thought I had headaches whenever I applied it.  This probably was true at all – I expect I was too heavy handed with Mum’s spray atomiser.   J’adore is one of my absolute favourites these days.  So pretty with the most refreshing bouquet.  Absolutely heavenly – even on a swamping hot and humid summers day.