Hives & Dodgy Shampoo Triggers Lifelong Skincare

I have never been very much into theatrical make up or any face coverings as such.  I do know several lasses though who wouldn’t be seen dead without at least one lot of slap on, even to go out to the dustbin.  My hesitation to wear foundation and powder or blusher probably stemmed from teenage angst about whether a certain product was causing some of the high colour and permanent look of discomfort and embarrassment I suffered.  There were no lessons for youngsters – no youtube hints on how to apply this or that.  Knowing how to look after my skin came after I’d had some really dreadful hives needing high doses of anti histamine – I discovered years later that I was allergic to certain wheat products and a couple of shampoo ingredients.  These irritations did give me the need to learn skincare very rapidly and I try never to miss any one part of my short regime.