High Summer & Deep Winter Call For Skin Care

Now that winter is showing its face, we really do need to take stock of our skin care regime.  I’m amazed at just mow many of my women friends who apparently take no extra precautions whether it be a sunny day or deepest winter.  They are usually the ones who gush how wonderful I look however – and of course, I lap this up constantly.  My own mother still has very good skin and hair for someone in her nineties.  She used to use a well known Oil of . . . .  product and as far as I can tell from her dressing table, that is still the product of choice.  It’s a matter of taking care with the cleaning and washing of skin too.  Not only the application of skin softening and ani agung products.  I use a cheap anti wrinkle cream as a base then top with inexpensive moisturiser with SPF 30.  That has sufficed brilliantly to date!