Having Too Much of A Good Thing With Face Cream

Ah the power of advertising – I remember a few years ago seeing a tv advert for a particular skin cream.  It did look gorgeously creamy and light as air.  It came with glowing reports of how it would deal with this problem and that.  I have always had remarkably good skin.  Luckily I don’t have many pigment problems, never been a spotty Dotty or had any wrinkle issue.  I was bought this particular make of cream for a Christmas present and was overjoyed.  I a the sort of person who likes to finish one pot of cream before starting anything new, but this was going to be weeks ahead – so I started using it there and then.  It was indeed luxurious and smlt fab, but the temptation to use more than needed   meant I developed grease spots and a rash.  It was in fact too rich for my skin.  Back to my normal trustworthy make after all!