Greater Skin Care Essential During Sporty Summers

Ahha that very special time of year is upon us.  The sporty season that takes over everything in our viewig lives whether we’re sporty fans or not.  The need for changes to be made in every sense of the word is never truer – whether we actually go out doing more sport, or just go out watching someone else doing it, being careful with our skin and hair is absolutely critical.  We laugh about not having very good weather over here but the last few years have changed that.  We need to weear higher factor sun protection which can come in our daily moisturiser for example.  Then application of a good body lotion will soften the skin and ensure it’s in very good condition.  This in turn enables it to absorb the higher factor sun lotion that is so necessary.  Keeping the sun off my skin is my first thought, even after lotions have gone on!