From Dusty To Power Lashes Without Blushing

As we get older, however careful we are with our skincare routine, things begin to change.  That once bright youthful bloom can become dull and dry looking – I know several ladies, younger than me by some years, who feel their way out of this is to apply ever more foundation and cosmetic powder.  I find it difficult to tell them honestly that they look older than ever with this false colouring.   I greet the world with bare faced cheek – literally.  From a teenager, when encouraged by my very beautiful mother, to apply light moisturising every morning and evening and hand cream every night, I have never taken to face make up apart from a tiny bit of blusher maybe.  I do however wear rather a lot of mascara.  Where Duty led, I followed.  I never planned to copy but my eyesight is very weak and if I can see a tidyish covering of lashes, then it must be ok!